Billions of years ago, molecules began to organize into the complex structures that could support life. We are just beginning to have an appreciation for these structures as we discover how advanced even the basic units of life may be and their far superiority to our most developed technologies.

Adhesion is one of the primary mechanisms in nature. Mushroom-shaped adhesive structures and organs are found to be the optimum solution in nature. Other adhesive geometries, such as flat punch, induce stress concentrations. With the mushroom shape, the stress distribution is much more homogeneous and the material detaches itself from the inside to the outside – hence the strong adhesion. Understanding such mechanisms better and designing our own could give rise to non-glue stick surfaces, as a non-limiting example.

||Quantum mechanics

The statistical description of a silicone oil droplet’s location on a vibrating silicone bath table is analogous to that of an electron confined to a circular quantum corral and has a similar, wavelike form.