The EuroNanoForum, held for the 6th time in 2013 (Dublin, Ireland), has attracted delegates from over 50 countries, the number of attendees from countries like Korea, China, USA or Russia has increased as well. The total number of participants was about 1,500 members from the nanotech community.

Material specific conferences include the International Conference on Graphene.


The Global Innovation index ranks about 42 countries on their innovation capabilities. The top 25 stay about the same with some shifting in position. In 2013, Switzerland remain #1, Sweden remains #2 and the U.K. is uk to #3 from 5. China and India are also some of the better growing nations in this regard. A good indicator of strength are the three pillars of innovation:

  1. good education and attracted talent;
  2. investment for venture and risk capital; and
  3. institutional support.