Richard Feynman is one of the first people to which the era of “nano” may be attributed. The Feynmann Lectures on Physics from the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s are now available online on the Caltech and The Feynman Lectures Website.

Topics in nanotechnology are not only on a project basis in graduate school at universities. They are now full degrees. A sample of major universities and their programs is provided here:

  • University of Albany, nanoscale engineering and nanoscience: BASc, MASc, PhD (U.S.A.)
  • University of Israel, nanotechnology and nanoscience: MSc, PhD (IL)
  • University of Waterloo, nanotech engineering: BASc, MASc, PhD (CAN)
  • University of Toronto, nanoengineering: BASc (CAN)

Recently, a Molecular Theme Park by NanoSpace was also opened online to stimulate interest in elemetary to middle school students. In addiditon, Scientix in their May 2014 newsletter made approaches to teaching nanotechnology to pupils their main theme.

ASTM published two standards to educate workers on nanotechnology ( E2996 and E3001). These standards were initiated by the Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge Network (NACK).